About the Best Practice Meetings

About the Best Practice Meetings

Best Practice meetings facilitate continued and broadened teaching, training and sharing amongst those working "in the trenches" of animal care and use programs. The format of the meeting is peer-sharing rather than seminar presentations. Selected program participants choose a topic of interest (e.g. Occupational Health and Safety Programs), and present background information, using their experiences as the kick-off discussion point. What problem did they encounter? What was the core IACUC issue? How was the IACUC issue resolved? What other options were considered? What were the advantages / disadvantages of the other options? Their brief presentation is followed by an open discussion involving all participants – providing insight, guidance, or suggestions.

What have past meeting attendees said?

"Excellent Meeting, the meeting is very unique with unbelievable learning opportunities!"

"Fantastic meeting, one of a kind!"

"It’s encouraging to know that I just implemented a designated reviewer SOP that is being utilized effectively by at least 10 of my peers at sister institutions. It is good to know I am on the right track. It’s reassuring to know that many of those institutions are AAALAC accredited, and that their DR policy has been reviewed and validated during accreditation visits."

Who attends Best Practice Meetings?

The meeting has been held since 2005. The meeting size has been limited to 60 – a size where most people will both engage in discussion and provide their own point of view – the goal is to obtain maximal networking and practical information. Most years, the available seating was full in less than a week after announcing the application period. Approximately 75% of attendees represent academia, 20% industry and 10% government agencies.

  • IACUC Administrators: Approximately 60% of attendees
  • Directors of a Compliance type office: About 30%
  • IACUC Chairs and Attending Veterinarians: About 8%
  • Other: About 2%

Top 5 reasons to attend the Best Practice Meetings

  • Meet your colleagues, put faces to names, and build lasting professional relationships!
  • Networking with peers and establish connections you can turn to for advice and information.
  • The Best Practice meeting is the one meeting focused on IACUC Administrators, not veterinarians, Institutional Officials, or IACUC members. It is all about me!
  • You get to visit with representatives from the NIH, USDA, and AAALAC without getting my institution in trouble!
  • The Best Practices meeting is designed to focus discussion on the practical aspects of managing compliant and successful programs of animal care and animal use.