Outside Personnel Training Requirements

Hi All,
I work in the private sector and am interested in what requirements you have for outside physicians and other non-internal participants in surgical or interventional procedures. The PHS Policy, the Guide, and AWA/AWR require that all persons involved in the use of laboratory animals be properly trained in the use of laboratory animals.
Right now, all we require from outside participants is a signed form saying that they have medical experience (not necessarily with animals) or a CV showing that they have a doctorate degree. No actual proof of knowledge regarding the use of animals is required.
I am new to this position and have only worked at this facility (started as a surgical tech, now full-time IACUC Administrator). I have searched through many requirements from Universities (obviously, I could not search through other private companies' training requirements), and all require that each participant complete an online training program prior to participating in procedures involving animals. I like this idea, because it is cut-and-dry, not left up to one person's interpretation of a CV. I've always felt that a person should not be allowed to perform procedures on animals if they are not familiar with the anatomical/physiological differences between animals and humans.
Would anyone working in a private company be willing to share their recommendations and/or procedures for allowing outside personnel to participate in surgical procedures?
Many thanks!