Top reasons to join the IACUC Administrators Association:

  1. Obtain focused discussion and suggestions (focused to IACUC Administrators as opposed to Attending Veterinarians, Institutional Officials, etc.)
  2. Participate in group consensus statements to regulatory and accrediting organizations on issues of significance to the IACUC Administrator in the animal care & use workplace.
  3. Have early bird registration for IACUC Administrators' Best Practices Meetings
  4. All the great training and networking.
  5. Have a password protected web site where you can view suggested templates and diagrams of processes and procedures which are successful at other institutions, and may be useful to your institution.
  6. It is an organization developed specifically for IACUC Administrators that provides a forum for members to discuss their program issues with peers to discover successful plans to similar problems.
  7. It will provide a "professional home" for IACUC Administrators where they can network and communicate with other IACUC professionals facing similar challenges.