About Us

The IAA was inspired as a result of a "grass roots" activity that continues to be supported by over three hundred IACUC Administrative professionals across the country. Beginning in 2005, IACUC Administrators met informally to discuss common programmatic problems and potential solutions. Since that time, the administrators group has been meeting at least annually. After only a few meetings, it became clear that IACUC Administrators are interested in developing a degree of cohesiveness and consistency among the programs they manage. In addition, they are interested in assisting their institutions with achieving the 'best practice' for a given situation, and they have expressed a strong desire in supportive and communicative relationships with their peers.

Attendees in subsequent gatherings noted that lessons learned from their interactions have significantly improved their institutional processes. After having attended an annual meeting, administrators have been able to bring back ideas on how to implement various activities to their own institutions leading to more consistent practices within their institution. This is helpful in those instances where the federal regulations don't provide formal structure or a clear activity. It is this grass roots success which is encouraging; IAA members have the opportunity to bring back to their institutions the benefit from the experiences – both successes and failures – of sister institutions.

Consequently, the IAA functions as an organization that facilitates opportunities for IACUC Administrative professionals to share successful processes and ideas, as well as providing a venue to discuss emerging problems.

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