IACUC Administrators continue to development their professional Association! Based on attendance and input received at past IACUC Administrators’ Best Practice Meetings, it has become clear that many Administrators have a keen interest in developing a degree of cohesiveness and consistency among the programs we as a community manage. In addition, they are interested in assisting their institutions with achieving maximum program efficiency and implementing the ‘best practice’ for any given situation. Administrators continue to express a strong desire for supportive and communicative relationships with their peers.

This concept of program consistency and communication among Administrators is a primary goal of the IACUC Administrators Association. The Association continues to grow and offer peer-to-peer education and communication opportunities to our community. The Board of Directors includes fellow IACUC Administrators, and AAALAC International, OLAW and USDA liaisons to serve the community.

If you are interested in assisting the organization in achieving the goals, become a member of the association, and perhaps volunteer to help the organization grow.